9 Weirdst Animals in the Ocean with Their Unique Abilities

By | November 14, 2021

Weirdst Animals in the Ocean – Ocean has a lot of mysteries. Imagine that around 235.000 or 91 percent of species are considered as weirdst animals in the ocean.

They seem to have a weird appearance, unusual body shape, strange behavior, and other unique characteristics that other common animals don’t have.

Here, we have the list of the weirdest animals in the ocean with their interesting facts.

Peacock Mantis Shrimp 


Indian and tropical western Pacific oceans have a unique creature known as peacock mantis shrimp. The appearance of this animal is cute and attractive due to its candy-colored skin and size. The size of a peacock mantis shrimp is only 1.2 to 7.1 inches. But, some of them can grow up to 12 inches or even 15 inches and it is the biggest size.

Behind its cute appearance, this crustacean has two strong appendages. They use their appendages to kill their prey, such as mollusks and carbs. Imagine that these appendages can break a glass wall aquarium. Peacock mantis shrimp will use it fast and it becomes the fastest movement in the animal kingdom.

Black Swallower


You may know that a snake can swallow prey larger than its size. Surprisingly, there is also a fish that can do the same thing known as the Black Swallower fish. They can swallow four times bigger prey than their stomach. This fish can do it because of the large gut that is attached to its belly.

This fish has to find prey that is larger than their size because they live in the deep where food can be scarce. The habitat of the Black Swallower is in tropic and subtropic waters, especially up to 9000 feet underwater.

The population is big enough in the North Atlantic Ocean. They can grow well up to 7 to 8 inches long in the right condition. The largest length is 9.8 inches. Imagine that this small creature can swallow a 34-inch creature. Besides the large gut they have, this fish also has a big lower jaw and sharp teeth. They will interlock their teeth once they got prey and swallow it.

Napolean Wrasse


Napolean Wrasse is also one of the weirdst animals in the ocean. It is considered the largest reef fish in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. This fish also has a fingerprint design on its skin, along with blue-green color on its face. The design reminds us of New Zealand Maori war paint. It is also the reason why this fish is also known as the Maori Wrasse.

The most unique thing that makes this creature weirds is its ability to change its sex from female to male. This ability is known as a protogynous hermaphrodite. They live by eating hard-shelled animals, such as mollusks and crustaceans.

Believe it or not, this fish is edible and becoming an endangered fish because of it. Napolean Wrasse is popular in Southern Asia, triggering the overfishing issue.

Obese Dragonfish


Obese Dragonfish is also one of the weirdest animals found in the ocean. Its appearance looks a bit scary. Their habitat is 5000 feet underwater. It is a dark area in the ocean. The unique thing about this fish is its ability to produce light.

This creature has a long barbel on its head that can produce light. Their bodies also consist of photophores that can produce brighter light. Obese Dragonfish uses its light not only to attract its prey but also potential mates.

Researchers don’t yet know the prey of this fish. Some people say that the Obese Dragonfish is a carnivorous animal, but it has sharp teeth. This 21 inches or 55 cm creature is often found around Australia, the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic.


Be careful if you find a fish that is full of spines. It can be a porcupinefish. This fish is similar to the pufferfish that have a lot of spines on their bodies. They will swallow up water to puff up their body to operate the spines. The spines are an effective weapon for porcupinefish to protect themselves from predators. The spines are even worse because they are not only sharp but also poisonous.

White Margin Stargazer

Some fish have a camouflage ability, including the White Margin Stargazer. You may not realize that they are around you because these fish love to bury themselves into the sand except their head. It keeps them seeing their surroundings while hiding from predators.

Unlike other fishes, the eyes of the White Margin Stargazer are on the top of their heads. Don’t underestimate them only because they love to hide in the sand. Burying their bodies in the sand is not only because they want to hide but also to sneak up on their prey.

White Margin Stargazer will make a sudden attack when they are sure that their prey doesn’t realize their existence. Plus, they can produce venom and electric shock to their prey. They often attract their prey using its oral lure that looks like a worm.

Yeti Crab 

Unlike other crabs, Yeti Crabs have fur that makes them look like the yeti. Yeti Crab was found in 2005. Water with 700-degree Fahrenheit temperature is a perfect habitat for this weird crab. How do they live in warm water or hot water? Sadly, they will not survive. Their bodies are boiled and slowly die. On the other hand, they will freeze if living in the cold water.

That’s why Yeti Crab is found around 2200 feet underwater. Another unique thing that makes this creature weird is that they don’t have eyes. They use hairy claws and fur on the body to survive. The fur attracts bacteria, so they can eat.

Vampire Squid


This squid is called a vampire because they live 2000 to 300 feet underwater. It is the place where people can’t go due to the little oxygen level and extremely dark area. Due to its habitat, this creature can evolve to become bioluminescent and produce light to survive.

How about their food? It is hard to find prey in the location. Thanks to the two filaments that help them to find prey, such as zooplankton. As a vampire, this squid doesn’t eat large fish at all. On the other hand, they become prey for big predators, such as whales, Deepwater fish, and sea lions while diving deep. The appearance of this squid is not as scary as its name, right?

Bioluminescent Octopus


Most creatures, including humans, animals, and plants can’t produce light by themselves, but not with Bioluminescent Octopus. These creatures can produce light by themselves and it makes them glow in the dark.

The light is useful enough because they are living in 4900 feet and 8200 feet underwater. It is an area with extremely little oxygen and light. That’s why researchers are having difficulty analyzing creatures in this area.

Some experts say that this octopus is only 2.4 inches long, along with 14 inches tentacles. There is also limited information about its feeding habits. It is known that this octopus starts to glow when they are scared of predators.

The habitat of this creature is on the coast of the United States and the sea around the British. Bioluminescent Octopus can be considered a mysterious creature in the ocean until today.

The point is that there are so many weirdest animals alive on the ocean we don’t know yet, but they exist. The list of the weirdst animals in the ocean above shows it. Despite their mysterious life, those animals look amazing and beautiful with their unique abilities.



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